Xenia Community Picnic on June 18

On Saturday afternoon of this Summer Solstice weekend, come make a Xenia memory at Shawnee Park.

The Xenia Community Homecoming Picnic and Bike Parade will take place at noon on Saturday June 18. This is a FLASH PICNIC and anyone and everyone with a Xenia connection is invited to attend. And it’s FREE!

This is a BYO event. Bring food and beverages for your own family and we will share each others’ company.

Several Xenia High graduating classes are having mini-reunions and class birthday bashes in conjunction with the Picnic. Groups and organizations are welcome to participate. Once again, the event is completely FREE.

A Bike Parade is also part of the festivities! The Twistertown Bike Parade will start at 2 PM and will be a 5 mile loop around Xenia with “rest stops” at local bars and restaurants including Nicks and All-Sports.

Bring your bikes, bring your kids, bring your parents. We are depending on word of mouth and the infamous Xenia Grapevine to get the word out about the Picnic. We are depending on YOU to gather some friends and family and come on down.

The goal is to make a run at the Guiness World Record with the Bike Parade someday! Heck, we only need about 2000 bikes to beat out Japan….

Brought to you by the volunteer efforts of Xenia’s Community Open Forum.

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