What the Murder of Iraqi Jews in 1941 Tells us About the Middle East Today

constitutional position of both the PLO and Hamas is same: The destruction of the state of the Israel and the Jews. And, according to Joffe,

The Farhud shows that, despite Western desires, in the Middle East religion and politics have always inextricably linked. As the veneer of a secular, democratic “Arab Spring” peels it is revealing widespread support for theocracy in both Egypt and Tunisia. With elections in the fall, the Muslim Brotherhood will likely have a parliamentary majority and the opportunity to implement its project of Islamifying Egypt and repudiating the treaty with Israel. Theological antisemitism, fundamental and undisguised in the Muslim Brotherhood and its offshoot Hamas, as well as in Iran and its offshoot Hezbollah, will become a basic part of the Egyptian political program. The events of the Farhud show that antisemitism must be taken seriously. Rising persecution of Christians from Egypt to Pakistan shows that no one is immune to theological hatred.

Interestingly, Joffe points out that many North African Muslims did shelter their Jewish neighbors from the Nazis.

Joffe’s article can be read at http://pajamasmedia.com/blog/what-the-murder-of-iraqi-jews-in-1941-tells-us-about-the-middle-east-today

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