Copts and Other Christians Made Easter Pilgrimage to Jerusalem

Among the thousands of Christians visited the garden tomb were it is believed Jesus was buried, many Copts also made their way to the site to celecrate the death and resurrection of Jesus.

The recent death of Coptic Pope Shenouda III has opened a window for Egyptian Copts to make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, which was forbidden during Shenouda who opposed the 1979 peace treaty with the Jewish State and declared that Arab Christians should only visit Jerusalem in hand with their Muslim brothers. But there is already a small community of Coptic priests and monks who live in Jerusalem, mostly in and around the Old City, as well as an even smaller group in Nazareth. One monk said that there has always been a small number who quietly made the trip despite Shenoudu’s edict and the hostility of the Egyptian government. “We don’t hold the keys to Jerusalem, Israel does,” the monk said. “People apply for a visa at the Israeli Embassy in Cairo and then they come.”

Source: IECJ, April 9,2012

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