U.S. State Department, United Nations, and Israel: State-Based Injustice

According to a report in the Weekly Standard, the U.S. State Department refuses to recognize Jews born in Jerusalem as citizens of Israel. In a separate report, Daniel Halpern also discovered the State Department’s cleansing photos from references to Jerusalem, Israel.

Why is the State Department doing such a stupid thing?

Quoting from the Foreign Affairs Policy Manual, The Blaze reporter Billy Hallowell shows the White House regards Israel as an unlawful occupier of the Golan Heights, Gaza, and West Bank. East Jerusalem is part of the West Bank. Moreover, the long defunct United Nations Security Council Resolution places Jerusalem under the auspices of an international city. Consequently, Jerusalem is regarded by United Nations faithfuls in the White House as a non-capitol of Israel.

The date on the above Foreign Affairs Policy Manual is instructive. The 2010 date indicates the position of the the Obama-Clinton Whitehouse is the same as the pro-Islam position of the United Nations and most of the West. It is as bogus as the previous U.N. resolutions for several reasons: (1) A U.N. resolution is not binding accept by agreement; (2) such an agreement is only binding if all parties meet their obligations; and (3) such an agreement does not trump an established sovereigns rights to make and maintain secure borders; (4) the long standing refusal of Palestinians to acknowledge and respect them renders the resolutions and prior agreement as null and void. That means the neither the United States nor any other political entity possesses any right or legitimate authority to subvert or hinder Israel from finalizing its own borders as they actually exist and all residents within those borders to be recognized as Israel.

Israel is about as obligated to implement all U.N. resolutions, conventions, and treaties as the the U.S. and especially the White House lawfully implements them.

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