Alabama Supreme Court Ruling Changes Pro-Life Landscape

A recent unanimous Alabama Supreme Court ruling may completely change the strategy of the pro-life movement. The vast majority of anti-abortion legislation the last four decades has been to regulate abortion, to defund Planned Parenthood, or to decrease the number of abortions. Most anti-abortion legislation allows some abortions, either of babies conceived through rape or incest, or for the health of the mother.

All that may change: a grassroots-led movement has risen which threatens to end abortion in one or more states this year! Right now, eight states are attempting to bypass reluctant state legislatures and execute a frontal assault on Roe v. Wade. They want to criminalize all abortion at the state level.

“Ohio kills 25,000 children annually by abortion – little boys and girls with beating hearts and measurable brain waves,” says Personhood Ohio director and family practice physician Patrick Johnston. “Liberty and justice for all God’s children is God’s will and our mission. We will protect these children by love and by law, or die trying.”

Although national pro-life groups have not led the efforts to protect all preborn children under state law, an Alabama Supreme Court ruling in February may bring national pro-life organizations back to the drawing board.

The Alabama Supreme Court shocked the nation by deciding unanimously that the preborn child is indeed “a person” in the eyes of the law. Roe vs. Wade was “wrongly decided.” In one of the court’s opinions signed by several justices, they urged states to “reject” the concepts set forth by Roe and protect the preborn within their own lawful, constitutional jurisdiction “until Roe is overturned.”

“That’s our point exactly,” Personhood Ohio board member Dave Daubenmire commented on the decision. “If the pro-life movement would be at least as ambitious in protecting the God-given right to life as the Alabama Supreme Court, we’d end abortion in Ohio this year!”

“The Personhood movement is re-defining what it means to be pro-life,” says Catholic pro-life leader and Personhood Ohio board member Tom Raddell. Personhood Amendments have the support of American Right to Life, American Life League, and other pro-life organizations, he pointed out. “We’ve had four decades of legal child-killing in America, and pro-lifers are weary of regulating the child-killing. We want to end it. We want to protect them as we would want to be protected.”

An abortion advocacy group called Healthy Families Ohio sued Personhood Ohio to try to derail the petition process, and that suit was dismissed by the Ohio Supreme Court last month. “That’s because we are a threat to the abortion industry,” TEA Party leader and Personhood Amendment signature-gatherer Kay Clymer commented. “It’s our prayer that Ohio will show the rest of the states how to defy judicial tyranny and protect these children.”

This ballot initiative could have a profound effect on the outcome of the November election. Bob Skovgard, a Personhood Ohio signature-gathering from Kettering, announced, “Just as the so-called ‘values voters’ turned out in great numbers to vote for Ohio’s Marriage Amendment in 2004 and tipped the election to George W. Bush, so too could conservative Christian voters turn out in great numbers in November to vote for the Personhood Amendment and help tip the election to the conservative candidate.”

If that is true, signature-gathering pro-lifers like the supporters of the Ohio Personhood Amendment may be a threat to more than just the abortion industry in Ohio.

Personhood Ohio must gather at least 385,000 valid signatures to get on the ballot this year.

For more information about the Ohio Personhood Amendment, you may visit their website For information on other attempts to end abortion at the state level, visit

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