I Vote Pro-Life First Campus Tour!

It is more important than ever for pro-life students to engage in the political process and help shape the future of our nation. This is why Students for Life co-founded the KI Vote Pro-Life First initiative. This initiative asks every American, particularly young Americans, to sign the pledge stating that a candidate’s stance on the Life issue will be the most important issue that a person looks at when deciding which candidates to vote for, from local school board to President of the United States.

This message is so important that SFLA is kicking off the I Vote Pro-Life First Campus Tour to bring the pledge, Get-Out-The-Vote Trainings, and voter registration efforts to over 9 campuses nationally!

This tour will be headlined by Jill Stanek, pro-life activist, blogger, and former nurse whose personal story highlights the importance of having pro-life officials elected into our national and state governments. Also on the tour will be Erik Whittington, Rock for Life as well as SFLA’s National Field Director, Brendan O’Morchoe.

Last Thursday, I Vote Pro-Life First held its Kick-Off National Webcast, featuring representatives from many of the coalition partners and Sen. Rick Santorum. The recording for this webcast is now up and available to listen to so that you can hear how Students for Life of America will be working on campuses this fall to recruit over 1,200 GOTV volunteers, to contact 300,000 voter households before Election Day and learn how to get involved in this effort.

I Vote Pro-Life First Campus Tour stops will be held at the University of Cincinnati on September 19 and at Ohio State University on September 20.

For more information about the Campus Tour or find out times and specific location details for any of the stops, please contact: Maria Ciarrocchi at 703-608-4673 or mciarrocchi@studentsforlife.org

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