All-Class Reunion Success

The first time ever “All-Classes Reunion & Homecoming” was held on Saturday, September the 16th, and it was a success. Some estimate 40 people showed for the picnic. The gathering began after 12 Noon and official ended at 2PM. Of course, some gabbers lingered beyond that time. The picnic was short so that old classmates and friends could enjoy the Community Festival together. The partying–Bar Crawling–began after 6PM, but no estimates of how many participated has cropped up.

The next morning the non-partiers got their high at church while those crawling out of the bars woke up with a hang up, not even coffee and aspirin could alleviate.

Will they really never do that again?

Well, news came out Sunday afternoob that “All-Class Reunion” will be held September 20, 2013 and, yes, “Bar Crawlers” will punish themselves once again.

Americans really do have short memories.

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