Election Results 2012

To lighten the seriousness moment in the election campaign, we take a left turn down election results alley. Instead to symbolizing the two parties by elephants (big noses, Carter’s peanuts, and lots of poop) and donkeys (obnoxious, stubborn, rebellious, and smelly) neither of which characteristics are all that appealing. This post of election uses symbols closer to home. Instead of pet peeves, we refer Republicans as dogs and Democrats as cats. As you will see in the introductory videos, these symbols better fit the candidates and parties.

Video Introduction:

So, now you know why the dog is the best symbol for Republicans, but what about Democrats?

As you can see, dogs and cats are much more interesting symbols for the two parties.

As I was driving to work this on Tuesday morning, I heard on K-Love radio results of a new poll. Dogs were in the lead 396 votes to 139 for cats. The commentator pointed out that more cats residing in American homes than dogs. (see Cat & Dog Poll at K-Love Radio

It is now after 9PM and the polls have closed. According to Google, Romney was leading Obama by a 2% margin (50/48). In Ohio, Romney was leading Obama by 10 percent. For the control of the US Senate, Democrats are ahead by 1 percent, but Republicans dominate the race for control of the US House. They have 104 seat to Democrats 65. At the time of this post, Josh Mandel trailed Brown by 10 percent for Ohio’s seat in the Senate, and Mike Turner was behind Neuhart by 2% for Ohio seat in the US House. In Greene County, Mandel and Turner both are leading.

Time will tell.

The dogs are winning local races for seats in the Ohio legislature. For the House District 73, Republican Rick Perales leads Bill Conner 66-34. Incumbent Robert Hackett is defeating Steve Keys by a 36% margin for the House District 74 seat. For State Senator, incumbent Chris Widener leads Jeff Robertson 67-33.

On the issue, Ohio Constitutional Issue 1 is losing with 69% against and 31% of the votes. Issue 2 also is being rejected 63-37. Issue 22 Greene County Metal Health Board renewal levy is being favored with a 60-40 percent margin. However, voters are turning down Xenia Community School’s Emergency Operating Levy proposal by a 66-34 margin.

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