Milk Protein Linked to Diabetes and Other Diseases

by Daniel Downs

Natural News recently published an article focusing on the link between a protein in dairy products called A1 beta-casein and type 1 diabetes.

“For decades, people who have developed Type I diabetes have been told that there is nothing they can do about it, that they were just “born” that way. However, studies have been done which show significantly strong evidence that auto-antibody reactions against the A1 beta-casein particles in cows’ milk, may contribute to beta cell (pancreas) dysfunction and Type I diabetes. The correlation has been shown through multiple studies worldwide. The prevalence of casein consumption and diabetes diagnoses are very closely related.”

During a conference of general practitioners, Professor Keith Woodford presented said A1 beta-casein is a mutation of A2 beta-casein, the natural form of this protein. He also presented a number of illnesses caused by consuming the mutated protein. Those diseases include heart disease, delayed psychomotor development of babies, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), Autism, asthma, and other intolerances.

What can we do to avoid consuming dairy products with A1 beta-casein? According to Professor Woodford consumers could choose to consume dairy products made with goat milk. Human milk is A2 milk and some baby formulas contain no beta-casein at all. Other alternatives are coconut and almond milk, according to Nature News. Dr. Mercola recommends only consuming non-pasteurized dairy products from Jersey, Asian or African cows. They are the only A2 milk cows. Moreover, Professor Woodford told the conference participants that the dairy industry could “breed out A1 beta-casein from the national herd over a period of 10 years, and do so at minimal cost.”

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