God on Trial in Newtown

Christian Post columnist, Jim Denison, present the case of “God on Trial in Newtown“. In it, the case against the character and reality of God is presented and rebuffed. Denison defends God love and power in a way that helps readers and witnesses see who is the actually the guilty party. He also explains why our benevolent Creator cannot stop such tragedies like Newtown.

Reading Denison’s article will not help one understand statements like those of Gov. Mike Huckabee. In response to Newtown and similar school shootings, Huckabee has stated that the removal of God from the public schools is root cause of such tragedies. (see Christian Post, December 16, 2012.)

Denison and Huckabee are right about God and our social responsibility. The founding generation was also correct. Not only did they declare God as the source and protector of our nation, rights and freedom but also our obligation to God for the same. How can God protect rather than judge when He is ignored, denied and opposed in and through our public institutions? Because morality produces self-government, potential murders have less self-restraint, and people listen neither to God’s still small voice nor to those who have and relay His instruction. Consequently, lawlessness and death abounds. Evil preys on the innocent, the vulnerable and the weak while deceiving many others.

Along with the parents and loved ones in Newtown, American grieves over the loss of its source of life, goodness, and liberty.

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