Sojourner’s Religious Campaign Against Politically Incorrect Journalism, An Example of Subterfuge & Double-Speak

Jim Wallis, Founder and President of Sojourners Magazine, recently launched a campaign against the Associated Press. Wallis is horrified that the standard-bearer of journalism’s would include in its official stylebook the use of “illegal immigrants” for those poor souls who sneak over America’s border without legal permission. His liberal sensibilities were violated by the idea that foreigners could be so degraded. To religious liberals like Wallis, the use of “illegal” is synonymous with reducing “those people” to non-humans.

In his own words, Wallis wrote: Tell the Associated Press that people aren’t “illegal.”

“The word ‘illegal’ is a dehumanizing term that robs people of their God-given dignity and prejudices readers against the needs and concerns of our immigrant brothers and sisters. Ending the use of this controversial word by the media would create a more compassionate and accurate conversation about immigration. It is a small change that could make a huge difference. You can help make that happen.” (Source: Sojourners email, October 10, 2012, which is also on the Sojourners website.)

The subterfuge of Wallis’ approach reminds me of utterances like those found in the Egyptian book of the dead. What he is doing is using biblical theology to back a liberal political policy agenda to thwart the law that renders those “brothers and sisters” who entered America without legal approval as illegal. However inspired his word may be, Wallis is not the voice of God.

Communist double-speak is alive and well on planet earth as demonstrated by recently elected liberal politicians and followers like Wallis.

Foreigners who are in America without passport, green cards, or immigration papers are in fact “Illegal Immigrants.” Although liberals like Wallis may not be capable of grasping the idea of rule of law, legal, and that horribly offensive political charged word “illegal” as having absolute relevance and meaning, the rest of America’s law abiding legal citizens should keep demanding journalists and government deal with illegal immigrants according to American constitutional law.

Furthermore, people who knowingly violate law are actual worthy of being defined as illegal. Their actions do define their character; and, yes, even their need for God’s redeeming help.

If more religious Americans understood the God of law, they wouldn’t be so willing to cheapen His redemptive grace. Jesus Christ did not end the requirement to obey God’s moral law. He died to fulfilling it in order to assist us in keeping it. Those who practice this life-style by the power of God’s spirit of grace prove themselves to be good law abiding citizens of the divine kingdom.

Imagine law abiding people with dual citizenship. How offensive it must be to those who are neither.

While illegal immigration is not a violation of moral law, Wallis’ stance will continue legitimating the disregard for all law including God’s higher law, which in turn degrades law abiding citizens. This can only reuslt in what the Bible labels lawlessness. According some commentators, America’s liberally dominated government has achieved that worthy label. And, at least some branches of Christian, Jewish, and other religions have decided they should not be sepatate from the state regarding liberalism and lawlessness.

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