A Redistributive State of the Union

Michael Tanner, senior fellow at Cato Institute, wrote an analysis of President Obama’s State of the Union address for The Daily Reckoning. The Daily Reckoning is a leading online financial newsletter. In his article, Tanner wrote:

The president’s address — more campaign speech than policy platform — was long on calls for “fairness” and “opportunity,” but it really boiled down to the president’s vision of a society where government does everything for everyone — financed, of course, by higher taxes on “the rich,” who need to pay “their fair share.”

The president’s argument ignores the fact that the rich already pay a disproportionate share of federal income taxes. In fact, the much- reviled 1 percent earns 16 percent of all income in this country, but pays 36.7 percent of all federal income taxes. One might conclude that this group is already paying its fair share.

The president might have given lip service to the need to reduce deficits and the debt, but most of his speech was a laundry list of government programs to spend more money doing more things for more people. From health care to housing, from worker education to industrial policy, from “green energy” to college loans, the president sees the government as both the engine of our prosperity and the guarantor of fairness.

While doing some research on gun control and the availability of high capacity semi-automatic weapons, I came to similar conclusions as Tanner, Republican Marco Rubio, and Tea Party favorite Rand Paul. (Rubio’s ABC video analysis can be viewed on Youtube and Paul’s on CNN.) Obama’s speech was a big sales job for the big tax & spend “socialist-democrat” agenda.

As studies indicate, socialist don’t like guns. In the possession of citizens, guns are a big threat to their long-term agendas. Armed free capitalist loving citizens are likely to use them when socialist bureaucrats take too much of their money, too many rights, and break too many laws. One interesting fact about the socialist-democrats efforts to increase gun control is the redistribution of semi-automatic guns from dealers to more citizens. All gun dealers appear to be sold out.

Maybe the “people” are getting Washington’s message.

Thank God for politicians like Rand Paul who vow to fight the Constitituion violating bureaucrats by law rather than guns.

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