Dems Wants More Taxes, Republicans Want More Spending Cuts, Most Want Sequester-Posturing to End


The graph to the right shows the tax increase already passed by Congress at the quest of Obama democrats. Not satisfied, they want more taxpayer income.

The graph also shows the difference between the amount of increased taxes and spending reduction passed in January.

That is why Republicans oppose Obama and Reid’s demand for more taxes.

According to the National Federation of Republican Women, Obama Democrats refuse to consider the following types of spending cuts that would reduce government waste and go a long way to a more balanced budget:

  • Free Cell Phones: This program cost $2.2 billion in 2013 alone.
  • Property Maintenance: The federal government spent $1.7 billion in 2010 to maintain property that is not in use or underutilized.
  • Reduce Medicaid Loopholes: By reforming the Medicaid provider tax, we could save at least $9.8 billion.
  • Increase Medicare Means Testing for Upper-Income Earners: By asking the upper-income to pay more for Medicare, we could save approximately $20 billion.
  • Make Federal Retirement Match the Private Sector: By updating the federal employee retirement system to more closely track with the private sector, we could save approximately $21 billion.
  • Require the Return of Over payments: By requiring that individuals return over payments for exchange subsidies in ObamaCare, we could save approximately $44 billion.
  • Eliminate Slush Funds: By eliminating the Public Health Slush Fund in ObamaCare, which Democrats have supported reducing, we could save approximately $10 billion.
  • Require Food Stamp Eligibility: While ensuring those who need food stamp support get it, we can save approximately $26 billion by simply requiring recipients prove eligibility.
  • Passing legislation that actually would require the adults on Capitol Hill to balance the national checkbook and keep balanced now and forever would end much of the crap prepetuated by the career bureaucrats and their politicians. Their dirty mess need to be cleaned up now.

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