Buckeye Institute Preident Represents Opposition to Expanding Medicaid

The Buckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions solidified its position at the forefront of the opposition to Medicaid expansion today as its president, Robert Alt, provided interested party testimony for Ohio’s House of Representatives Health and Human Services Subcommittee.

In the course of his testimony, Robert Alt made the case that Medicaid expansion is the wrong policy decision for Ohio-citing the Buckeye Institute’s January 31st report outlining the following reasons:

1)Future federal funding reductions would shift burden to Ohio
2)Increased administrative costs of expansion
3)Future sales tax revenue is subject to changing regulatory landscape
4)Flaws in the often-cited report advocating expansion
5)Relegates more Ohioans to a failing government program
6)Expands government programs and spending

Alt said, “Medicaid expansion is the regulatory equivalent of the Hotel California. Ohio can opt into the expansion, but there is no meaningful way to opt out, even if the federal government subsequently changes the terms, shifting crippling costs to the states.”

Additionally, Alt stated that should Ohio wish to offer coverage for more low-income Ohioans, it would be better served to pursue a state-based alternative, which would allow Ohio to promote personal responsibility and employment, and would give Ohio greater flexibility and budgetary control of the program, as well as ensure a higher standard of care for its citizens.

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