New CIA Director Vows Not To Uphold American Rights?

John Brennan became America’s new CIA director. He took the oath of office not honoring the Supreme Law Maker–God–as represented by the Bible but rather by swearing to uphold the Constitution. The U.S. Constitution of 1787 represents the rule of law. The so-called bill of rights did not exist as part of the Constitution until 1791. The rule of law must mean the power of government not the rights of the people. To Brennan, the rule of law must mean the power of government not the rights of Americans.

Why is any of this important? First, Brennan was head of the drone program employed in Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, and Afganistan. As director of CIA, he will likely continue to oversee the drone program. As subservient to the President, he may also lend Homeland Security his expertise in employing its drone program, which will be used to spy on citizens and even attack them. Second, his symbolic oath portends the continuation of other breaches of American rights like those being carried out at Guantanmo Bay. Third, not swearing his oath upon the authority of the Bible demonstrates his rejection of source of our right to self-government (government of and by the people) and the source of all other inherent rights. In other word, Brennan, like Obama, does not acknoweldge or intend to defend the source of law. His act seems to represent only a respect of law for ruling empire.

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