Thank God Its Good Friday: Remember the Preborn

The Baltimore Catechism declares that Good Friday is called good because Christ, by His Death, “showed His great love for man, and purchased for him every blessing.”
Yet, today is a day of remembrance of a very distressing event – the torture and killing of our Lord Jesus.

In the midst of fasting and sacrifice, we pray:

Lord Jesus, I am awed by Your sufferings for me and for the rest of humanity. I thank You for saving me through Your crushing pain, through Your many wounds, through Your tiredness and agony and Your Precious Blood shed with so much pain and love for us, through Your difficulty to breathe, through Your sweat and tears, through Your merciful patience, through every effort that You made, and through Your total offering for my sins and for the sins of the whole world.

I ask You to remember and bestow Your grace upon the innocent children, formed in God’s image, who also suffer agony and torture before they are born. These children are slaughtered by men and women who, like those who killed our Savior twenty centuries ago, impose their ignorance and hate upon the world with violence.

We ask You to rid our world of the ugliness and extreme violence of abortion. We ask You to teach our brothers and sisters to love the lives of the sick, the old, the hurt, and the unwanted. We ask You to restore the sanctity of marriage and family in our society.


Source: American Life League

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