Boston Bombing Perspective

by Daniel Downs

The Boston Marathon Bombing was an act of terrorism committed by two young American immigrants. The parents of two Tsarnaev brothers were originally from Muslim Chechnya. Most likely, they had moved to Muslim Kyrgyzstan where they married. Their two boys, according to Reuters, were born their but spent a few years in Muslim Dagestan before immigrating to America in 2003. In a recent CBS report, it is believed the eldest of the two may have been recruited and trained by the Islamic radicals in Russia. That report was predicated on the fact that he spent six months in Russia; Russian officials suspected he was affiliated with a group of Islamic radicals (presumably al-Qaeda) from Dagestan who since 2010 had bombed a Moscow train station and Moscow’s Domodedovo airport.

If the Boston Marathon bombers were in fact jihadists, why did they kill ordinary Americans? Why not destroy government facilities and workers?

Rutherford Institute’s John Whitehead wrote an informative article showing how terrorists and the media are linked together in spreading the message of Islamic terrorism globally. What better way to gain the world’s attention than to kill or harm a great number of Americans during a historic event like the Boston Marathon being watched around the world.

But, what is their message?

Paul Eidelberg, a political scientist, offers the following perspective:

As this writer has repeatedly indicated, the single most significant factor contributing to acts of terrorism has been the mendacious Middle East peace process. In the name of “peace,” and motivated by economic interests, various democratic regimes, most importantly the United States, has turned a blind eye toward Arab terrorist acts against Israel.

Indeed, since Israel’s government, under pressure from Washington, ignominiously signed the September 13, 1993 Oslo Agreement with the Palestine Liberation Organization on the White House lawn—an agreement “sponsored” by U.S. President Jimmy Carter and applauded by three former American presidents, as well as by the American Congress—the entire world, including terrorists of every description, witnessed a phenomenal event: the governments of various democracies had sanctified the evils perpetrated by the world’s leading terrorist, Yasser Arafat, head of the PLO.

If this were not enough, the United States then became the leading patron of terrorism by bankrolling the PLO year after year to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars.

The consequence of patronizing evil — especially when publicized by the international media – is to encourage evil everywhere, regardless of whether it’s political or non-political. Evil is not too particular about its victim.

Individuals and groups animated by evil are encouraged when they see democracies, which boast of the rule of law, ignore and even reward criminals and criminal organizations like the PLO-Palestinian Authority.

Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, Founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, holds a similar view about our government’s wrong approach to Islamic terrorists and their ideology. In a recent press release, Dr. Jasser said,

The Tsarnaev brothers prove that the current whack-a-mole strategy is severely limited and flawed and that it is time for the United States to address head on the ideology of political Islam which is the root cause of Islamist terrorism.

Reading Dr. Jasser’s articles or watching the film “The Third Jihad, it must be concluded that the message of Islamic terrorists is essentially this: Submit to our theocratic form of Islam or else. The goal is to make all people submit to Islamic beliefs, laws, and governance under which one supreme religio-political leader rules all. The major organizations propagating that message include the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda.

Before 9-11, al-Qaeda’s message to America was get out of their homelands and quit supporting and defending Israel. They presented at least two reasons: One was our corrupting influence on their religious and moral cultures, and the second was they wanted the non-Muslim state of Israel (Zion) permanently removed from the Middle East. Behind their demands was their plans. In order to reestablish the Islamic empire, Zion must be eliminated. After which, the globalization of Islam might be fully achieved. 9-11 was an effort to stop America’s hindrance to their short-term plans. Since 9-11, many have become more aware of the long-term plan of global Islamization taking place throughout Europe, Africa, and the Americas. The rapid increase of Muslim populations, expansion of Islamic finance, and greater social, educational, economic and political accommodations to those same populations justified in part by the left’s ideals of multiculturalism are all part of the globalizing agenda.

However, moderates Muslims like Dr. Jasser, are fighting to maintain the principles of liberty not undermine them, as is the goal of the adherents of Islamism. The two Boston terrorists were likely adherents of the latter group.

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