UK Equality Law Threatening the US Traditional Family

by Daniel Downs

Since reading Judge Robert Dierker’s book The Tyranny of Tolerance, I have become more aware of how equality is used by liberals to force their ideology, social agendas, and immoral behaviors on the rest of society. Judge Dierker shares his court room experiences with feminists, NAACP, gays, and others who seek special rights not equal rights. They seek to thwart the rights of anyone who either stands in their way or merely criticizes what they do. In other words, they use the concept of tolerance and equality to achieve their agenda through intolerance and inequality. This Judge Dierker has witnessed for many years.

As in California, it is not okay to criticize gays and other special interest groups in England. With the establishment of The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) to enforce equality law, rulings of judges in favor of traditional families are not permissible. Why? Because the judicial claim that it is best for children to be raised by both mother and father somehow harms the dignity of gay couples and breaches equality law, according to a recent news bulletin of the Christian Institute.

The key word in the above news bulletin is belief: “The [EHRC] guidelines say a magistrate who believes it is best for a child to be brought up by a male-female couple should not be accommodated.” (emphasis added)

The real tragedy is that a great many people in America believe that the rhetoric and resulting laws are right or at least fair. Enforcing the rights of blacks under the civil rights law was right. Equal voting rights for women as well as men is right. But, making bad behaviors a civil or constitutional right is wrong. It is not fair because creating and enforcing special rights diminishes the rights of everyone else under the law. Hence, in the name of equality and tolerance the right to speak critically about morally wrong behaviors is being diminished by the force of law. Of course, freely arguing against their practice means casting doubt and unbelief about the justifying rhetoric that makes those wrong behaviors seem right. The freedom to oppose the liberal doctrines of tolerance and equality also threaten to establish or maintain social views and laws that restrain their affects on the rest of society. In the present case, the threat encompasses the traditional family of a mom and dad, which implies marriage instituted by one man and one woman.

In order to validate promiscuity, some argue that consensual behaviors of adults is no one’s business, but does consent make wrong behaviors right or even lawful? The United States was founded on the consent of the governed, but God, the Supreme Judge, ruled over what was consent to. As indicated in the national compact and by the author of it, the Creator’s gifts of unalienable rights like freedom would never have existed at all without God’s law. That law understood by sanctified human reason informed and legitimated the long and painful struggle of our European and Puritan ancestors for the religious, social, political, and legal rights bequeathed to us as a national heritage. All of which is being replaced by contrary beliefs, values and laws. The end result, however, is a gradual return to the tyranny of unequal laws based on intolerant views by unjust tyrants who always destroy a great many moral and law abiding people. For example, the imperial British leadership destroyed the lives and families of many colonists before and during the Revolution, but now its both British and American leadership who are attempting the same. The Kermit Gosnell abortion murder trial is another example. Gosnell’s horrible crimes shows that without an unmolested right to life, the dignity of human life is easily aborted, killing becomes a way of life, and murdering children is no different than throwing out one’s garbage. Consent easily leads to destroying lives and family, and destroying the traditional family is thrashing human lives.

Like the 60s revolutions, England’s equality laws threaten similar changes in America’s cultural and legal landscape. It is a real threat only because many Americans have been awaiting such an inspiring example of global legitimacy for same-sex marriage equality. As during the 60s, many may scoff, but notice that rock-n-roll, sexual promiscuity, family disintegration, socialism, talk of peace, and violence are all still raging forward ever so progressively.

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