Special May 7th Elections

Amomg Greene County’s municipalities, two are proposing tax increases. Fairborn Schools wants voters to increase tax revenues by 11.7 mills only for 10 years. If anyone believes the school district wants that addition money only for 10 years, I have several gorgeous properties along the banks of the Miami I would like them to buy. If passed, the levy will enbale taxpayer to give the schools $7 million more each year. For homeowners with property valued at $100,000, the annual tax bill will increase by $358.

Beavercreek City wants to replace three expiring property tax levies with a 1.5 percent income tax levy. If passed, taxpayerrs will feed the general revenue fund with $10.5 million luscious greenbacks. There are some in the prosering city of Beavercreek who seem to think the proposed income tax levy will negatively effect their 401Ks. City officials promises it won’t. They also want their residents to beleive the new and greatly improved revenue source will end in 7 years. My provervial cat also think she’s a big dog too. The nature of the beast never really changes, does it?

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