On Marriage, Inevitability Is a Choice We Can Reject

In case you missed it, The Heritage Foundation has published a free e-book about the importance of marriage. The Marriage Facts comes out at an opportune time when gays and other special interest groups seek to redefine humanity’s core institution. Without the family, marriage of men and women, and their begetting children, society would not exist and will cease to exist if marriage further undermined.

The book The Marriage Facts addresses questions raised to legitimate same-sex marriage. In Ohio, efforts are underway to place a constitutional amendment that will change marriage to include same-sex marriages.

As in Europe and other parts of the world, the most neglected issue is not equality or love, but the rights of children to a mom and dad. In my opinion, the core argument of The Marriage Facts is that redefining marriage will ultimately harm children and, therefore, all future generations.

This is a vital conservative issue. Because conserving marriage and consequently the family means conserving the future life, health, and prosperity of society.
Yes, even prosperity, for genuine traditional family-friendly social and economic policies bolsters financial and all other aspects of human life.

Human life can be defined as good, healthy family relationships with God at the center. A more abundant life will include good working relationships with members of other families creating a free, safe, and prosperous society that is maintained by a healthy public morality.

Just think about it, science teaches that particles, atoms, molecules, cells, organisms, and super-organisms like animals and humans exist and continue to exist because of mutually beneficial working relationships in accordance with their respective nature. When one one part mutates, destruction occurs. For example, it is only a mutated form of e.coli that kills animals and humans. The purpose of the human immune system is to neutralize foreign organisms and their destructive behavior. Therefore, the immune system exists to conserve human life. That is why all behaviors that are contrary to our moral and social nature should be neutralized, reconstituted into the normal functions of the social body–if possible, but certainly not promoted or legalized.

To get a free copy of The Marriage Facts, click here

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