GCCHD Announces Information about Herbicide Application at Yellow Springs Pool

(XENIA, OH) –The Greene County Combined Health District (GCCHD) announced today that individuals who may have been exposed to an undiluted herbicide are being contacted, and our agency has not received any reports of health concerns associated with the herbicide.

“We want to ensure that anyone who may have been at the Yellow Springs pool is aware of the situation,” said Mark McDonnell, RS, MS, Health Commissioner. “The health and safety of our residents is our priority. Even if a chemical says it doesn’t pose a health problem, it’s important that people have information about what happened and what’s being done to prevent a similar situation in the future.”

“We and the Village of Yellow Springs have been working with our partners at the Ohio Departments ofHealth and Agriculture as well as chemical experts at the national level. Research indicates that Escalade 2 is quickly removed by the human body and will not have any long-term health impact on people who are exposed. Our initial concern was anyone who may have inhaled (breathed), had skin (dermal) contact with the chemical, or ingested (swallowed) the chemical at high levels during the first 2 to 2Yz hours after the chemical was applied. But again, any symptoms of exposure would have come and gone by now,” added Mark McDonnell, RS, MS, Health Commissioner.

The morning of June 12,2013, the Yellow Springs Village learned that their staff applied an herbicide called Escalade 2 to the grassy area around the pool inside the fence prior to opening the pool to the public. On Friday, June 14, 2013, it was discovered that approximately three and half (3 Yz) gallons of the undiluted herbicide was applied to a 15,630 square foot grassy area. The herbicide was applied to eliminate clover which attracts bees.

Miami Township Fire and Rescue have not had any reports of illness related to the use of this herbicide on June 12,2013, at the Yellow Springs Pool. Pool and Village staffhave not reported being ill or have they received any reports of illness from patrons who may have been at the pool.

A Frequently Asked Health Questions Factsheet prepared by the Ohio Department of Health, the Material Safety Data Sheet for Escalade 2, and a product brochure, and is posted on the Yellow Springs Village website at http://www.yso.com.

Laboratory results of water samples taken from the swimming pool for the herbicide’s active ingredient indicate that all ingredients tested showed values below detectible limits. We are awaiting laboratory results from soil samples that were also taken. Village officials anticipate the pool to reopen to the public on Friday, June 21.

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