Independence Day Article Collage (corrected)

by Daniel Downs

Why I Love My Country” is a God's Politics blog article by Rev. Jim Wallis. In it, Wallis honors American values, their global influence, and his first-hand experience of that influence in South Africa.

While Wallis celebrates America, Bob Morrison presents some problems that motivated the Declaration of Independence and government policies and practices and are reoccurring today in “The Laws of Nature and Nature’s God

To better understand the logic of Morrison’s perspective, one needs to understand the underlying ideals of the Declaration of Independence. In a Public Discourse article titled “The Declaration of Independence and the American Creed,” David Azerrad explains the philosophy behind the Declaration of Independence.

Gettysburg and the Declaration of Independence: Anniversaries Offer Time for Reflection” by Gary Palmer presents additional historical perspective on the meaning of the Declaration of Independence, its ideals and applications, in light of contemporary issues.

Small practical steps overtime can lead to major change or restoration. According to the Ohio Right to Life, Ohio politicians made five small steps to towards re-securing one of the core principles referred to by Azzerad and Palmer. On Monday July 1st, Ohio Gov. Kasich along with the Ohio Legislators demonstrated their resolve to secure the right to life by passing five landmark amendments. To some, however, the U.S. Supreme Court continues to undermined parts of the American Creed as seen in its recent Voting Rights Act decision. Others see its opinion on DOMA and same-sex marriage as furthering the attack on public morality and the common good.

For those who find statistical data interesting, “Oh Say, Can You Count? Fourth of July by the Numbers” is a graphical intensive article they might enjoy. For example, the estimated population in 1776 was 2.5 million compared to today’s 316 million, which averages to an annual 1.3 million increase of new Americans over a time span of 237 years. Expanding on this article is another PEW article pointing out how proposed fuel efficiency regulations would save holiday travelers $63 million fuel expenses.

God bless America with a progressively moral and conservative independence.

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