Planned Parenthood’s Paid Protesters to Invoke Satan at Texas Pro-Life Rally

by Daniel Downs

You say remember news about the successful filibuster of a Texas pro-life bill SB5 intended to protect the unborn past 20 weeks by restricting abortions. What the mainstream media didn’t report were rallies taking place in and around the Capitol Rotunda. Among many behind the scenes reports, one in TownHall revealed Planned Parenthood’s paid protesters to counter pro-life support. Another published by Before Its News shows PP protestors seeking to drown out a group of pro-lifers singing Amazing Grace. Countering pro-lifers expressed support of the pro-life bill is one thing; it is another to counter praise to God with chants of “Hail, Satan”. (Video Report)

Planned Parenthood will stoop to any extreme to make money assisting others to kill babies, even selling selling their souls to Satan.

The battle for the right to life and supposed reproductive rights has devolved into a battle between Satan, the father of liars and murderers (John 8:44), and God, the author and redeemer of life. This battle actually reflects the division in America that didn’t end. Many dividing issues could also be subsumed under the same conflict. Contrary to liberals, their academic books, and various activists and politicians, this division didn’t end when the Democrats won the last election.

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