Saving the Union

Prof. Paul Eidelberg

The aftermath of the George Zimmerman trial revealed the best and worst in America. The best and the worst were exhibited by both White and Black Americans judging, perhaps too simply, from the coverage of the trial and of its aftermath by FOX News. Most outstanding was FOX News attorney Greta Van Susteren’s defense of the jury in that trial. That more than one black commentator agreed with Greta should make us especially proud of America.

On the other hand, we dare not trivialize the racial hatred which black demagogues manifested in the trial’s aftermath. This may be the reason why Barack Obama, having displayed no great love of America, has not addressed the trial’s ugly fallout. There are lessons to be learned here, beginning with the fact that Obama is intellectually ill-equipped to deal with this racial issue by referring to well-established and cherished American principles of which he is ignorant or which he has scorned.

I’ll return to this issue in a moment, but we must keep uppermost in mind that America, too enamored of “pluralism,” has become a fragmented nation, that countless Americans no longer possess a clear sense of national identity: they have lost their moral compass. Obama is not the primary cause of this mental disorder—and it is a mental disorder.

American society is in dire need of intellectual therapy. Needed is a President psychologically equipped to foster the “more perfect union” proclaimed in the Preamble of America’s Constitution. The comprehension and pursuit of this goal has become profoundly difficult, and not simply because of the sudden ascendancy of a President utterly ignorant and contemptuous of America’s foundational documents. Obama’s political ascendancy has occurred at a unique and perilous juncture of history. America is now confronted by a most dangerous enemy, Islam, a creed exalted by its Chief of State.

We must shun “political correctness” or the timidity of academics that abbreviate the totalitarian nature of Islam by means prefixes such as “fundamentalist” or “radical” or “hi-jacked” Islam, or by identifying Islam as a political ideology called “Islamism” or “Islamo-fascism.” What underlies this obscurantism? Theologian George Weigel discerns that to speak of Islam (along with Judaism and Christianity) as one of the “three monotheisms” obscures rather than illuminates. These “familiar tropes ought to be retired.”[1] What has this to do with America’s loss of national identity?

Contrary to the universal and trans-historical principles of America’s Declaration of Independence, whose pivotal phrase is “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God,” American colleges and universities, throughout the twentieth century, have taught one generation of students after another the nationally self-effacing doctrine of multicultural moral relativism or historicism. The primary carrier of this national self-contempt malaise is Marxism, which rejects all ideologies as “phantoms of the brain.” Marxism therefore rejects the primacy of reason, its ability to apprehend universal truths. This rationalism is clearly implied in the Declaration’s avowal of “self-evident truths” and “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God.”

Countless academics, especially “liberals,” would be shocked to learn that the cultural relativism promoted by Marxism fosters racism, especially among blacks who, unlike Frederick Douglass, a former slave, are not fully cognizant that America, notwithstanding its shortcomings, is the one country called the Land of Opportunity, but only because it is the only country that was founded on the Seven Noahide Laws of Universal Morality derived from the Bible of Israel. This Hebraism, which permeated America’s colonial colleges, exalts the intrinsic dignity of a human being and the rights of all men regardless of race and national origin.

Hence we have all the more reason to deplore the moral relativism that has contaminated the American Supreme Court. This university educated elite has handed down rulings that violate the Judeo-Christian ideas and values that have made America the world’s guardian of freedom and the defender of the one principle that dignifies and preserves democracy, the rule of law.

How dreadful it is that the Supreme Court has handed down a morally neutral and non-rational interpretation of the First Amendment. I refer to an interpretation that has effectively removed all ethical constraints on freedom of expression, in consequence of which pornography has become rampant in America. Meanwhile, the morally neutral and non-rational egalitarianism that permeates the Court’s interpretation of the “equal protection” clause of the Fourteenth Amendment has sanctified same-sex marriage as not less justified as marriage between a man and a woman as prescribed by law in most of the states in this country. The Court has trounced federalism along with Judeo-Christian morality.

The American Supreme Court has therefore trashed intellectual and ethical monotheism, the only solid foundation of our Republic, hence the only rational basis for “a more perfect Union.” Nothing more is needed to disembowel America. Even Nietzsche, hardly a theist, would have been appalled by the Court’s contempt for the Bible by which the Jews rescued mankind from paganism and barbarism. Nietzsche understood this:

[To the Jews] we owe the mightiest book, and most effective moral law in the world. Moreover, in the darkest times of the Middle Ages, when Asiatic clouds had gathered darkly over Europe, it was Jewish free-thinkers, scholars, and physicians who upheld the banner of enlightenment and intellectual independence under the severest personal sufferings, and defended Europe against Asia; we owe it not least to their efforts that a more natural, more reasonable, at all events un-mythical explanation of the world was finally able to get the upper hand once more, and that the link of culture which now unites us with the enlightenment of Greco-Roman antiquity has remained unbroken.[2]

Elsewhere he has written that it has ever been the task of the Jews to bring mankind to “raison.” What else can promote the moral unity of mankind? Consistent therewith, Martin Luther King understood that nothing can so well unite Americans, regardless of the color of their skin, than the Bible of Israel. As indicated earlier, only this sacred book can bring about the unity America needs to confront the global threat of Islamic imperialism. Allow me a down-to-earth proposal.

America needs a President who possesses the qualities of Lt. Col. and former Congressman Allen West, a Black American. His eloquence, his combat experience, his understanding of America’s foundational documents calls to mind another time when a divided America had lost its moral compass. I have in mind the “House Divided” speech of Abraham Lincoln, the President who saved the Union. Our Union is being undermined by Barack Hussein Obama, a cultural relativist so lacking in national pride that he genuflected to Saudi King Abdullah, an Arab despot!

That so many Jews could vote for Obama, a statist, requires their atonement. Let me remind these benighted Americans of the great English philosopher Alfred North Whitehead of the Chosen People: “The Jews are the first people that refused to worship the State.” Has the world turned upside down—that Jews would sacrifice their intellects to a fool who needs a teleprompter to order lunch?

Lt. Col. Allen West is a breath of fresh air, refreshingly articulate. He is, as any president should be, a student of American and military history. As an officer he is a leader of men. His judgment and courage inspired the confidence of his men on the battlefield; and fragmented America has become a battlefield.

On this battlefield I behold Americans having very different lifestyles—enough to mention industrial workers, self-employed businessmen, bureaucrats, and intellectuals. I discern on this battlefield conflicting conceptions of justice as well as competing doctrines regarding the functions or powers of government. These divisions have already erupted in violence, and they could lead, in the words of Lee Harris, to “The Next American Civil War”—a war between populist, hard-working, and self-reliant Americans and those living on the vote-getting “entitlements” legislated by those who control the policy-making institutions of state, and who conservative Americas call “godless liberals.”

Viewed with this precarious backdrop, what would be more fitting and poetic if Allen West, a black American, was elected President in 2016 to save the Union, thanks, in retrospect, to the Great Emancipator who saved the Union in the sixth decade of the last century?


[1] George Weigel, Faith. Reason, and the War Against Jihadism: A Call to Acton (New York: Doubleday, 2007), 17.

[2] Friedrich Nietzsche, Human, All-Too Human, Complete Works (London: George Allen & Unwin, 1909), VI, 347-348, H. Zimmern, trans.

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