Why Obama Wants Egyptian Pres. Morsi Released from Jail

by Daniel Downs

Since June, masses of persecuted Christians have been told by the Obama administration not to protest against their oppressors. Muslims have increasingly persecuted these Christians with the support of Muslim Brotherhood President Morsi. Like other Egyptians who are tired of the increasing violations of their human rights and the steady decline of the economy, they thumbed their noses at the American backer of Egypt’s new wannabe Pharaoh, according to a Freedom Outpost article. The recent end of Morsi’s regime by the military in response to 20 million Egyptians protesting Morsi failed governance is proof.

Egyptians want a working democracy, but a totalitarian Islamist regime was the dish served up by the Muslim Brotherhood and President Morsi. Why then is the Obama administration attempting to legitimate Morsi’s release from prison in the name of making democracy work.

If as Canadian Free Press journalist Jerry Phillipson claims, the Muslim Brotherhood regime was not in the best interest of either Egypt or the United States, why then is Obama still seeking to support it? Phillipson suspects it is because Obama holds the same beliefs and values. His suspicion is substantiated by a documented report naming key White House officials who are members of the Muslim Brotherhood. An additional reason for Obama’s efforts for Morsi’s release is an $8 billion deal made with Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood for a large chunk land in the Sinai, according to IMRA. Along with annexation of some of Egypt’s land in Gaza, Obama’s land deal would enlarge Gaza territory and somehow result in a comprehensive peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. An Egyptian new source provides us with another reason Obama wants Sinai land. A previous agreement exists with Israel to build a security wall along the Egyptian, Gazan, and other key borders. This wall would also be in Israel’s interest if a Palestinian state were created. Whatever the $8 billion secret deal actually involves, it is being funded by our tax dollars. This comes after U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry illegally gave Egypt $1.3 billion in military aid, according to The Blaze. Last year, Rueters reported that contrary to Congressional law Hillary Clinton gave the Morsi regime the same amount in military aid. All of these White House deals are in keeping with Obama’s promise to implement White House policy with or without Congressional approval.

If the execution of Obama’s foreign and economic policies violates U.S. law, Obama might argue that as commander-in-chief it is his prerogative to execute the war terrorism by diplomacy, military force, and economic policy. His presumed unlawful acts are necessary to transform a group of rogue terrorists into a group of democratically governing leaders like we did with Yasser Arafat. At the same time, he might add to his argument that his acts would result in the realization of the long sought after two-state peace deal agreed to by member states of the United Nations including the United States. Giving away billions of Americans hard-earned income and breaking U.S. law is the necessary price to obtain peace in the Middle East. However, I doubt Obama would argue that the Muslim Brotherhood has every right to force a fascio-Islamist regime on the Egyptian people in the name of democracy. Unlike Morsi, Obama surely didn’t condone preventing Christian minorities from voting? What’s more democratic than the right and practice of voting?

Making democracy work is not the reason Obama wants Morsi released from jail. It is the globalist and Islamic values of achieving the utopian dream of Middle East peace by means of an economically viable Palestinian state. For Jews, a Palestinian state must be safe for Israel. Like the dividing wall between Catholic and Protestant Ireland, a security wall between Israel and Palestinians may be the only option, but one problem remains. Gaza renders peace and security impossible for Israel. As long as Obama is spending American tax dollar, he should buy Gaza, convince Egypt to make it one of its states, or convince Hamas to incorporate Gaza as a nation-state. The Islamist threat could then be walled off securely from Israel.

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