Boycott the Federal Reserve

by Online Professor

When we use Federal Reserve Notes we are giving our consent to the International Bankers to rip us off. Rather than complaining, the time has come for us to withdraw our consent and begin issuing our own money.

The Constitution was written to prevent the government from abusing the rights of the people. Powers not granted to the United States are reserved to the people. Issuing our own local currency is one the rights retained by the people.

Unfortunately due apathy, ignorance and neglect the government that we created to protect us has become a criminal syndicate that is being run by a cartel of international bankers.

We can continue being debt slaves or we can declare our independence from the bankers and issue our own local currencies. In order to regain our freedom we need to stop feeding the beast. By using an alternative form of money currency we can liberate ourselves and become our own bankers.

Originally posted at the Constitution Club on July 30, 2013.

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