Another Nation Adopts Anti-Propaganda Law Aimed at Prostitution, Paedophilia, Pornography…

The Intergroup on LGBT Rights, a working group of the EU Parliament, issued a news report condemning Moldova for passing its anti-propaganda law. As indicated by the above title, Moldova’s national laws now forbid the distribution of propaganda promoting prostitution, paedoplilia, pornagraphy, and other abberant sexual behaviors like those practiced among the LGBT community.

How dare a nation like Moldova join Russia and Lithuania in discriminating against such behaviors. Even worse, this new law like the pro-LGBT law spreading through Europe, Canada, the United States, and elsewhere will limit free speech. Whereas LGBT legislation tends to punish any morally oppositional speech to gay, lesbian, and transvestite behaviors or privileged treatment, this model of pro-marriage and pro-family law hinders speech propagating anti-marriage and family agendas.

As far as the accusation of passing the anti-propaganda law without public consultation, it must really irk EU parliamentary leadership when a nation like Moldova practices what they themselves do–just as they do in Washington, DC.

This terribly hopeful legal development should be adopted by Arab states, individual American, and nations still harboring the decency of a moral consciousness, one not defiled by the deceptive propaganda of the Left (humanist-socialist-liberals) and the gospel of tolerant egalitarian totalitarianism. Unlike the Intergroup, let’s hope Moldova thwarts efforts to annul the new law. With the help of Russia and others, they just might succeed.

Thank you Moldova for attempting to protect the future of human society and its most important institution.


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