Baseball vs. Politics

by Paul Eidelberg

The career of Yankee slugger Alex Rodriguez has been virtually terminated—the punishment for his violating the rules of baseball by taking Performance Enhancing Drugs.

That’s not the way things work in politics, which alas has no performance enhancing drugs. In fact, in Israeli prime ministers can be virtual accessories to murder and get away with. Just think of all the Arab terrorists that have murdered Jews but who have nonetheless been released from jail by Israel’s government. Many of the released terrorists have returned to kill even more Jews. All this is well known to Israeli Prime Ministers, who go on releasing terrorists!

Let’s ponder the reaction to Benjamin Netanyahu’s subservience to President Barack Obama by agreeing to release 104 Arab terrorists—villains that murdered Jewish men, women, and children.

Purdue University Professor Louis Rene Beres, a legal expert, denounced the release of those terrorists as a clear violation of international law.

Caroline Glick, editor of the Jerusalem Post, who holds a degree in political science from Columbia University, and who served as a captain in the Israel Defense Forces, also denounced Netanyahu by referring to his release of said terrorists as an “act of cowardice.”

On the same day, Tel Aviv University political scientist Martin Sherman, after reviewing Netanyahu’s flawed record, called on him to “RESIGN—JUST GO”!

But politics in Israel is not baseball. Politicians in this democratic country are inoculated with a Performance Inhibition Drug (PID) that makes the Prime Minister and Members of the Knesset IPO—Insensitive to Public Opinion.

In America, the Performance Inhibition Drug PID is known as “Obamacare.” Its generic name is “Affirmative Action.” It was this drug that made Barack Obama President of the United States.

This is not exactly the way Obama’s rise to power has been described by former Florida Congressman, Lt. Col. Allen West. On June 30, 2013, Colonel West referred to President Obama on Face book as a “usurper and charlatan.” My dictionary defines a “usurper” as one who holds office or exercises power without right. From this it follows that any agreement the head of a foreign government enters into with Mr. Obama has no legal foundation and is null and void.

Hence, if former Congressman West is correct in calling Mr. Obama a “usurper,” it follows that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent agreement with Obama to release 104 Arab terrorists has no legal foundation—which could of course be said of any agreement Obama puts his signature to. But this would lead us Don Quixote. Let’s take a more sober view of things.

The United States, in violation of international law, has been releasing hundreds of terrorists periodically since the Oslo or Israel-PLO Agreement of 1993. In fact, the United States has been bank-rolling the PLO year after year to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. This, too, is a violation of international law.

It follows that the U.S. government has long been a patron of international terrorism! It has used the hard-earned money of American tax-payers to fill the coffers of the PLO-Palestinian Authority, a gang of thugs and murders. And no one during the past two decades has been held accountable for this criminal activity. No one would be so benighted as to suggest that the United States is a criminal regime.

One thing, however, should be crystal clear: Terrorism pays! Moreover, the leaders of the PLO-Palestinian Authority are clever enough not to kill the goose that lays the golden egg by making peace with Israel. That Israel has suffered 15,000 casualties since Oslo 1993 does not affect her ruling elites, since all have been innoculated with PID, the Performance Inhibition Drug.

However, it must be profoundly painful—especially for those who have diagnosed this malady—to persist in this theater of the grotesque. There are no pills to alleviate the remorse and the suffering.

In baseball, its three strikes and you’re out. Would this were the case in the Prime Ministerial politics of Israel.

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