Protect Your Groundwater Day, Sept. 10, 2013

The Greene County Combined Health District (GCCHD) joins the National Ground Water Association (NGWA) in encouraging the residents of Greene County to protect public health and the health of the environment by protecting groundwater beginning on Protect Your Groundwater Day, September 10, 2013.

In Ohio, 1,949,000 residents rely on individual household water wells while another 2,780,965 residents rely on public water supplies that use groundwater in all or part.

For household water well owners, how they manage their well systems and property can make a difference in their water quality. People who do not use household wells also can make a difference in groundwater quality, for instance, by how they store, use, and dispose of hazardous household substances, or how well they maintain their septic systems.

Protect Your Groundwater Day is an occasion for every citizen to ACT: Acknowledge the issue, Consider how it applies to you, then Take action.

You can learn about the Protect Your Ground Day by visiting the National Ground Water Assoication website.

The Greene County Combined Health District is also proud to be part of the 7th annual Greene County Test Your Well Event on Tuesday, September 17, 2013 from 4:00 – 6:00pm at Xenia High School in the cafeteria located at 303 Kinsey Road in Xenia. The public is invited to bring in a well water sample for nitrate and iron testing. Confidential results will be provided at no cost. Sixty free Arsenic screenings (one per household) will also be available. Additional test kits will be available for sale (cash or check only) at this event and vendors will be on hand to answer well water questions. For more information on this event, call 937-372-4478.

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