Slaughter of Christians in Syria

by Daniel Downs

Reports about the supposed chemical weapons attack on a Christian village in Syria keep coming. In that attack, 1,429 Syrians Christians died.

What jihadist Muslims have been doing in Egypt, they are doing in Syria as well. They are burning churches, destroying homes, and murdering Christians, In Syria, they destroyed an entire village near Damascus.

While the United States, France, Germany, Britain, Canada, Japan, and others blame Assad’s regime, Russia, Iran, and Syria claim it was American-backed jihadist rebels. More importantly, whether locals or members foreign organizations, many in Syria also blame the rebels; and, yes, the 1,429 slaughtered Christians were said to favor Assad. The reason many Christians favor the Assad regime is religious freedom.

Based on speeches by Secretary of State John Kerry and in various reports, analysts doubt whether any weapons grade chemicals were actually used in the August attack. The intelligence community intercepted several messages it claims proves Assad used chemical weapons. However, those messages included a defector from the science community. He claims what everyone knows: chemical weapons have been used since the civil war began, and Britain as well as pre-Desert Storm Iraq supplied some of the chemicals. One report claims to have found chemical elements like sodium fluoride in hair and tissue samples from the victims. Finding some elements does not equal all elements of sarin gas. Weapons experts also doubt chemical weapons were used because no one assisting in the investigation are wearing protective gear. While some reports show people wearing gas masks, a closer look suggests politically staged photo ops.

It appears that Western governments maybe fabricating evidence to legitimate attacking Assad.

Since Congress has reconvened, Russia presented a diplomatic solution to the chemical weapons issue. Russia wants Syria to turn over its chemical weapons to international control with the goal of eventually destroying them. What good would that do if the jihadists continue to have access and to use chemical weapons against Assad’s military and Christian civilians?

Although Assad’s brutal regime may deserve elimination, the Obama backed alternative will likely be worse. More Christians will die. Those not killed will become second class citizens in a dictatorial Islamic regime. One needs to look no further than revolutionary Egypt or Saudi Arabia to see such regimes.

One appropriate question is why is Obama funding Muslim jihadists? Do those he actually serves really believe western defined democracy can be duplicated in Islamic nations? Do the elites believe they can use al-Qaeda like rebels to remake the Middle East without backlash. Remember, Saddam Hussein who was used by our government to war against Iran. How about U.S. sponsored Osama bin Laden who led his jihadists against Russia in Afghanistan. Will the globalist vision for the world produce a violent backlash they can escape? Will United Nations’ world governance result in peace or Armageddon?

Middle East news demonstrates heads have already started to roll. When will the real Messiah show up? Come soon Lord Jesus.

One response to “Slaughter of Christians in Syria

  1. Possibly, the use of chemicals was from both sides. No one world power controls the diverse factions of rebels, with jihadists well entrenched among them. Well, the Western media is owned by biz moguls who, in turn, control the purses of politicians during poll campaigns, so the highlight is only the Assad crime in the Western media.

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