The Revival of America

by Paul Eidelberg

America Exceptionalism is the result of America’s breaking way from Europe both politically and culturally. However, Europe reentered and corrupted America at the beginning of the 20th century when various European doctrines, above all German historicism, invaded American higher education via the crypto-Marxism of Charles Beard and Carl Becker, who captivated academia.

America must rid itself of this corruption, this Europeanization, and revive the Hebraism that fructified higher education in Colonial America and produced America’s greatest statesmen.

The restoration of Hebrew will cleanse America of the poisonous weeds of the European Age of Enlightenment — the latter’s skepticism, relativism, nihilism, materialism, and atheism, which have destroyed European civilization. The cure is not Athens but Jerusalem.

Unless America rids itself from European doctrines, it will go the way of post-Christian England, France, and Germany — all in their death throes.


Paul Eidelberg is a retired professor of political science and author of numerous journal articles and books the most recent being An American Political Scientist in Israel and <em<The Beginning and End of American Exceptionalism: A Theo-Political Analysis.

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