Planned Parenthood Project: Vandalism at Indiana University

SLA-DisplayOn Thursday, the Students for Life at Indiana University gathered in Dunn Meadow outside of the Student Union as part of the Planned Parenthood Project tour that is visiting over 41 campuses across the United States this fall. This outreach opportunity was widely successful in communicating the truths regarding Planned Parenthood’s abortion business. Unfortunately, not everyone who spoke to the Students for Life at Indiana University responded in a civil manner to this educational outreach.

One student in-particular demonstrated to us the growing desperation of those who seek to cover up the abortion business of Planned Parenthood. This student approached the display, read the banners but refused to respond to students when asked what his thoughts were about the display. Unable to dialogue with these students, this student turned in anger and proceeded to forcibly remove the crosses from the display which represent the 915 abortions commuted by Planned Parenthood each day. When asked to stop damaging these crosses, the student screamed that abortion “was awesome!” and continued on to insult the students he had previously refused to hold a simple conversation with by saying, “You are all ignorant people and need to keep your beliefs to yourself.”

Two hours later, this student returned, not to actually engage in productive6 dialogue about Planned Parenthood, but to continue to further damage the display by removing them from the ground and throwing them in the trash. While removing these crosses, the student yelled, “That’s where they need to be!” Never once did the student try to talk to the Students for Life about what the display and the problems about Planned Parenthood’s abortion business. He just proceeded; to vandalize the display and throw our crosses into the trash.

Another student began yelling at our Regional Coordinator, Alicia, and when asked why he was upset on camera he replied, “You’re in conflict with the world that I want which is a world where all your churches burn.” And further went on to say, “And if we are ever strong enough, we are going to stop you.”

[Maybe one reason why some students are unreasonably hostile to the pro-life message is the history of IU. One of their professors, Alfred Kinsey founded the Kinsey Institute and sex studies. His “junk” science study rendered criminal and deviant behaviors as normative. Its uncritical acceptance by courts and society resulted in the undermining of previous moral and family values, the legitimation of abortion, and the normalization of homosexuality. One factor that motivated Kinsey to create a pseudoscience for humanist values and mores was his distaste for sexual morals preached in the church. It was discovered by scholarly research by Dr. Judith Reisman that another reason was his own deviant behaviors including homosexuality and pedophilia.]

The Students for Life group at Indiana University did a fantastic job dealing with the students in a kind way spreading the message about Planned Parenthood on their campus. IU Students for Life has only been an official club on campus for about three weeks and are tackling the abortion mob on their campus straight on through education and awareness. Students at Indiana University simply couldn’t handle the truth and responded by vandalizing our display and yelling at the students.

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