Benefits of a Government Shutdown

By Daniel Downs

Everyone loves the idea of limited government that is except government employees, welfare beneficiaries and socialists. A government shutdown would amount to a temporary deflation of federal government largess. Unfortunately, this reduction would decrease the violations of constitutional law or political and social corruption in America.

A lot of mainstream media outlets are claiming a government shutdown would hurt America’s national economy. Reuter’s business columnist James Pethokoukis informs us that it could actually save our national economy somewhere between $500 billion to $10 trillion. Those figures depend on which discretionary spending reduction proposals final wins in the current budgetary battle in Capitol Hill. (see Why A U.S. government shutdown is worth it.)

Americans have little fear about a government shutdown, according to Arthur Schaper. He makes some interesting points in his Canada Free Press article. One of those points is this:

In effect, a government shutdown would provide an opportunity for the American people to witness how much they accomplish on their own without government. Do we not have private agencies which deliver our mail, and deliver it more efficiently? Would it not be better for elderly and retired persons to save their own money, ensuring for themselves a more secure future? Could not private and local interests fare just as well (if not better) in managing parks and recreational facilities in this country?

For those who are opposed to Obamacare, a government shutdown just might be a way of making in crumble into the dust of political history. At least that is the proposition put forward by the editor of RedState.

Why then is the Democrat leadership on Capitol Hill pursuing a government shutdown? Many claim that Democrats believe Republicans will be blamed. That would be ironic if Americans would blame Republicans for the uncompromising actions of Democrats. It would be beneficial if more Americans realized that the federal government does not represent or work for working Americans. The debt ceiling is an important indicator of that fact.

As pointed out by Kent Hoover in the Pugent Sound Biz Journal, “the biggest problem that’s holding back businesses from growing are the nation’s unsustainable long-term deficits and the threat of higher taxes.” It is possible that a government shutdown could force the non-representative politicians in Washington to deal with our bigger economic problems. Continually increasing the debt ceiling only prolongs those problems. What comes after bankrupt cities is a bankrupt nation. China and other nations have been bailing us out for quite some time only prolonging the endgame. Although there may be slim hope for real economic reform to come out of the government shutdown, there is at least a glimmer of hopeful possibility.

One response to “Benefits of a Government Shutdown

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