Ohio Wage Earners Get a 10 Cent Raise for 2014

By Daniel Downs

Ohio workers earning minimum wage ($7.85/HR) will see a 10 percent increase in pay beginning January 1, 2014. The 10 cent raise only affects workers not receiving tips as compensation. Those workers who now receive $3.93 per hour will only get a 5 cent raise. Where is the fairness?

Speaking of fairness, only businesses whose gross receipts are at least $292,000 have to pay employees the new minimum wage. Businesses grossing less only have to pay $7.25. Does that mean people compensated through tips now have to work for free on bad days? No! They are still guaranteed a huge wage of $3.93/HR.

The real kicker is whether the dollar will be worth anything by the end of 2014, whether Obamacare destroys the economy, and whether inflation seen at the gas pump, on utility bills, and at the grocery store renders this government mandated raise as null and void–something comparable to working for free.

Oh, unless I forget to give credit were credit is due: The Ohio Department of Commerce blames the mandated pay raise on a 2006 Constitutional amendment, which requires the state to force businesses to raise the payscale each year by the rate of inflation. So, while exercising your right of finger-pointing remember to observe the three pinkies pointing back at your suffragist self.

Long live suffrage!!!

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