Life and Destiny

By Daniel Downs

In this post, questions about life are raised followed by some answers that I hope are thought provoking.

Question 1: When did life begin? Answer: It began when the creator spoke.

Question 2: When does human life begin? Answer: Human life begins in the previous generation. It always begins in the familial relationship of the previous generation.

Question 3: When does a human embryo or fetus become a person? Answer: An embryo and a fetus is a person because it is like its parents who are persons; embryonic person will develop into a adult who will parent another as an embryo of him/herself.

Question 4: Is abortion murder? Answer: Murder is ending a life of another person without just cause. One example of a just cause is self-defense. Because life is mutually beneficial relationships based on moral personhood and behavior, every unjust killing is mass murder. It is mass murder because a multitude of morally right and beneficial relationships, both existing and future, have been terminated or prevented.

Question 5: What is the purpose of life? Answer: Living a mutually beneficial life with parents, siblings, spouse, children, friends, neighbors, coworkers, associates, society, and ultimately with God.

Question 6: Why is morality so important to life? Answer: From a negative perspective and besides being a crime against God, moral wrongs like lying, stealing, cheating, lust, greed, fornication, adultery, and similar wrongs against others and lead to death. For example, dishonesty causes others to distrust you, which results in no beneficial relationship other than economics, if that. When dishonesty occurs in a previously good relationship, that relationship will eventual cease to exist. From a positive perspective, morality is the glue of life.

Question 6: How can such a life as referred to above be achieved in the present state of affairs? Answer: First and foremost, by seeking a real relationship with God. Why, God? Only the Maker can fully instruct one on how the purpose of life is achieved. To obtain that knowledge, a recommended starting point is to read and study the Bible. Why? It is the book of life. The Bible presents God’s instruction for life eternal. The Bible is filled with examples of the kind of life referred to above. It shows the problems encountered in life that causes or results in death as well as how those problems have been resolved and life restored.

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