Stem Cell Researchers Find Fountain of Youth

By Daniel Downs

The internet news paper Israel Hayom recently reported on an important break though in stem cell research. One obstacle to the use of stem cells in medicine is freezing cell differentiation in their embryonic state. As stated in the report:

“A team at the Weizmann Institute of Science has now taken a large step toward removing that obstacle by creating iPS cells that are completely “reset” to the earliest possible state and have maintained them in that state. Among other things, this research may, in the future, pave the way toward the ability to grow transplant organs to order, the Institute said.”

IPS cells are made by inserting four genes into adult skin cell genomes, which causes reverse development back to an embryonic state.

Many regard IPS cells as an ethical and practical substitute for embryonic stem cells.

“Dr. Yaqub (Jacob) Hanna, principle investigator of the Weizmann Institute’s Molecular Genetics Department and his team’s breakthrough was in realizing that getting cells to revert into their near embryonic state was not enough. Maintaining the cells in the neutral “naive” state, before they differentiate into specific types of cells, was equally important. Hanna’s team developed a technique to preserve iPS cells in their “naive” state….”

Hanna sees this as regeneration of cells. “As we age, chromosome length gets shorter. But here the chromosomes go back to their original, natural length.” This is why he believes his team has found the fountain of youth.

Weizmann Institute researchers have certainly brought medicine closer to transcending organ transplants and artificial limbs to regeneration whole organs such as livers, lungs, legs, hearts, etc.

As important as Hanna’s scientific break though is people should look to God for eternal life. The key to reentering the Garden of Eden may be within human nature. However, the fiery sword of divine justice remains at its entrance. God will not likely permit reentry into the Garden until a universal moral regeneration is first realized by humanity. The means to this is presented in the Bible, especially in the gospels and epistles written by Jesus’ apostles.

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