Election 2013: Early Results & Conclusions

The unofficial election results have been posted by the Greene County Board of Elections. As predicted, all of Xenia’s unopposed incumbents and renewal levy campaigns won. Those races included campaigns for mayor, city council, and judge. Voters gave their nodding approval to the city’s operating levy as well. Voters also said yes to all Greene County health related levy renewals.

The hot race for three seats on Xenia’s Board of Education concluded with two incumbents biting the political dust–Steve Alex and Barbara Stafford; two warm blooded idealists to liven things up–Cheryl Marcus and Arch Grieve; and veteran “bulldog” Robert Dillaplain was retained for another election cycle.

With tears and sobs, the BOE report shows the Electric Aggregation proposal winning 55 to 45 percent. After 1 or 2 years, we’ll see how much aggregation actually saves consumers. While education, medicine, now insurance under Obamacare has moved Americans more fully into socialism, we are deregulating energy consumption in the name of competitive markets so that taxpayers (collective owners of this resource) can further pay for new energy developments both in taxes and consumption costs only later to brought under the new form of socialism or globalism. How ironic!

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