Thanksgiving Holiday: Being thankful for …

By Daniel Downs

‘Tis the season to be shopping and not just for turkey; it’s the season to help retailers stuff their cash drawers with green stuff while stuffing oneself with the more stuff. Why would relatively sane people abuse themselves that way? You know…the gluttonous binge on Pilgrims’ delights and further bloating their bank accounts with more debt. Turns out, it’s all for the cause of giving gifts in the commercial spirit of Christmas. Uh…does anyone remember what Thanksgiving is really about? I’ll bet our Pilgrims forefathers aren’t chuckling Ho! Ho! Ho! The devil might be, but certainly not the God-loving Puritans. They are probably weeping already.

If memory serves, the reason for Thanksgiving is for Americans to have a special time to remember all of the things for which they have to thankful. By things, I don’t just mean stuff. Thanksgiving is a time for reflection on the great value in one’s good relationships–family, friends, and God–and for career, for worthy achievements, for overcoming adversities or tragedies, and the like. Do you think anyone will remember what a great shopping spree they had? Okay, some maybe.

With that thought in mind, here are a few mundane reasons to be thankful this Thanksgiving:

According to Time Magazine, a recent retail survey found that only 13% of Americans plan to shop on Thanksgiving. The good news is 73% will be honoring this special time. Unfortunately, the next day 46% says they will be out drooling over the great bargains. Yes, there is good reason it’s called Black Friday.

We can also be thankful that 37% of Americans began their seasonal shopping long before Thanksgiving, according to a Ramussen poll. On top of that, Ramussen discovered that 9% have already finished their seasonal shopping.

A heart-warming report by Internet Retailer shows 50% of Americans surveyed intended to do they binge shopping on-line.

All of this means safer travel and maybe more quality time for many to count their blessings. I’ll bet God would enjoy hearing about those blessings remembered.

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