The Journal

Xenia Citizen Journal began on February 21, 2008. Its name is a greek term for hospitality and is also the name of a small city in Ohio.

The purpose of the Journal is to provide alternative views about news and events affecting our lives and families locally, regionally and globally. Because modern news media are money making corporations, their coverage is influenced by corporate goals, advertisers dollars, and the limitations of time and space inherent to print or broadcast media. That is why a citizen journal can expand news coverage, provide alternative perspectives, and give citizens a less restricted voice on issues affecting their lives, families, community, and their world.

Being hospitalable to views not in the service of status quo, special interests, and errant consensus beliefs borders on a mission statement.

… But More About The City Called Xenia
Xenia Ohio was founded in 1803. Xenia remains the county seat of Greene County government, legal affairs, health care, business, and citizens. As its name suggests, Xenia is a city of hospitality. It is also famous as the historical hub of rail-to-trail biking and for its not so friendly tornadoes. The devastation caused by 1974 tornado changed the face of city from the old-fashioned center of retail store front to modernized shopping centers anchored by national retail chains. Other tornadoes have caused less damage but they always make residents a little jumpy. Its not unusual to see people jumping into ditches or bathrooms, under vehicles, and even into sewer openings. (You know I’m just exaggerating a little!)

During the heyday of the Industrial Revolution, Xenia was a city hustling and bustling with many all kinds of manufacturers, fine restaurants, mom and pop retailers, hotels, gas stations on every corners, not to mention churches, schools and even a seminary. You name it and Xenia had at least, if not more than, one. Xenia still has most types of business. Mass production manufacturers have been replaced by more high tech and just-on-time types. Xenia has added retailers like Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Lowes, and trips to nearby Fairfield Mall. Xenia has a Ramada Inn and several other motels. Applebee’s is the newest restaurant in Xenia. It joins Bob Evans, Perkins, Frisch’s, and many excellent mom-and-pop eateries.

Location, Location, Location
Xenia is located between Dayton and Springfield. It takes 15-20 minutes to drive to either city. Columbus, Ohio’s capital and Cincinnati are both within one hour driving distance from Xenia.

Best Location
The best place to be is in the realm of moral freedom grounded in truth and guarded by justice as established by God. When the light of reason fueled by the pure spirit of righteousness guides the human soul to the love of truth, the freedom created by God with moral integrity can only abide in peace for eternity. That is what “Jesus is the way, the truth and the light” ultimately means.

Does this not summarize revolutions like the Exodus, Protestant reformation, Puritan revolution, the Amerincan Revolution, spiritual revivals, and the goal of most human beings desiring the good and the right?

The service of media is to advance this right and its achievement.