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Removing Affects of Dark Particles

In the universe originally a dark void into which particles
of antimatter leaped self-destructing, eternal spirit testing
providential time transformed one dark particle into a cosmos
of explosive creativity and life.

Through that divine process effusive light reformed the dark
particle thus removing the deadly effect.

Yet, inherent in particles of light and life the potential
rebirth of dark matter remained.

And it was reborn. Eve and Adam was attracted to the element
of darkness. Consuming deception brought forth a slow reciprocal
destruction of self that flooded the universe too.

Alienated from eternal spirit and self, moral reality slowly
gave way to Heisenberg’s empirical discovery. With it, dark
particles accumulated into logs blinding every eye to the truth.

Observing darkness, imperfection, moral ineptitude in others
is really just a reflection of the observer’s own condition.

For the affects of those dark particles to be removed and those
particles extinguished, the eternal spirit must once again transform
their existence into the light and life of His nature and design.

(Continued interpretation of Matthew 7:3-4 from 2/28/16)

By Daniel Downs